These Terms and Conditions set out the terms and conditions that will apply when placing an order in the LA PROMESSE web store operating under the domain:, which is operated by the Seller.

Seller – MARLENA GĄSIOR operating the business registered as ATELIER PROJEKTOWO-KRAWIECKIE Marlena Gąsior entered into the Business Activity Register of Poland kept by the minister in charge of economy, with an address for correspondence and business operation at: ul.
Ciołkowskiego 11/1, 15-523 Grabówka NIP 9661963183, REGON 381367805
Customer –  every natural person with at least minimal ability to legal actions and of at least 18 years of age, as well as a legal person or organisational unit with no legal personality, who entered or will enter into a Sales Contract with the Seller.
Web Store – a web store run by the Seller available under the domain:
Merchandise – Products available in the web store.
Sales Contract – a sales contract of the product made between the Customer and the Seller through web store purchase.
Order – a statement of the Customer made through the web store of willingness to enter into a Sales Contract for a given product with the Seller.


  1. Entering a Sales Contract between the Seller and the Customer is performer by placing an Order by the Customer through the Web Store. Such Contract can be made both by a Customer who has an Active Account within the Web Store as well as Customers who do not have such an Account. 
  2. All prices shown in the Web Store are prices expressed in Polish Złoty (PLN), US dollars ($) or Euro (€), in accordance with the symbols.
  3. Placing an Order is done through finalizing two consecutive steps by the Customer – filling out the Order Form and clicking the field „Confirm Purchase” in the Web Store page after completing the form – up until this step there is a possibility to modify the data entered in the form. The required fields within the form relate to the data necessary to complete the delivery of the ordered goods. The information entered by the Customer in the process of placing an Order should be precise, up to date and correct.
  4. After placing an Order the Seller immediately confirms that they received the Order and submits the Order to processing. Such confirmation of receiving an Order and its processing is done by sending an appropriate e-mail message by the Seller to the Customer to the e-mail address entered by the Customer during the ordering process, containing information of Order received, Order processing and confirmation of a Sales Contract. Once the Customer receives such an e-mail message he enters a Sales Contract with the Seller.
  5. Each Product sold can have, upon the Customer’s request, an attached proof of purchase (invoice).
  6. The recording, securing and availability of the Sales Contract is done through making this terms and conditions document available on the Web Store page and through sending it to the Customer in an e-mail message described earlier. The contents of the Sales Contract is additionally recorded and secured in the IT system of the Web Store of the Seller.


  1. The Seller supplies the following methods of payment for the use of the Customer based on the Sales Contract:
    1) Cash payment on delivery of the parcel. Available only in Poland.
    2) Money transfer to the Seller’s bank account. 
    3) Electronic payment and debit card payment.
  2. If the Customer selects delivery outside Poland, the only payment option available is the electronic payment.
  3. Payments are conducted through Dotpay and PayPal processing centres, according to the terms stated by the named companies on their respective web pages and
  4. Date of payment:
    1) If the Customer chose to pay via money transfer, electronic payment or debit card payment, they are to finalize payment within 7 days from entering the Sales Contract. 
    2) If the Customer chose to pay on delivery in cash, the Customer is to finalize the payment on delivery of the parcel.


  1. Product delivery is possible in the territory of Poland and to other countries.
  2. Delivery costs are presented to the Customer on the pages of the Web Store in the information tab concerning the delivery costs as well as during the ordering process. Delivery in the territory of Poland is free of charge.
  3. The Seller offers the following methods of delivery:
    1) Courier.
    2) Courier on delivery.
  4. The delivery date to the Customer is that of up to 7 working days, while delivery outside of Poland is estimated at 5 to 14 working days. The Seller will make sure that the goods are dispatched to the Customer immediately, however no later than within 30 days.
  5. The beginning of the delivery date of the Product to the Customer is:
    1) If the Customer chose to pay via money transfer, electronic payment or debit card payment – from the day of crediting the Seller’s account.
    2) If the Customer chose to pay cash on delivery – from the day of entering the Sales Contract.


  1. The Seller is to deliver the Product to the Customer free of any defects. Detailed information on the responsibilities of the Seller due to Product defects and Customer rights can be found on the Web Store’s page in the information tab concerning claims of defect.
  2. Claims of defect can be supplied by the Customer:
    1) In writing, to the following address: 
     ul.Ciołkowskiego 11/1, 15-523 Grabówka
    2) In electronic form via e-mail to the following address: info|| |info|;
  3. The Customer should supply the following information in the Claim of Defect: information and circumstance concerning the object of the claim, especially the type and date of the defect; request to have the Product fulfil the conditions of the Sales Contract or a statement of lowering the price or cancelling the Sales Contract; contact details of the person issuing the claim – which will enable faster response of the Seller. The requirements from the previous sentence are only suggestions and do not influence in any way the effectiveness of claims of defect supplied without including the described information.
  4. The Seller will respond to any claims of defect immediately but no later tan within 14 days from the submission of the claim. If the Customer requests the Product to be exchanged or the defect to be removed or supplied a statement of lowering the price, including the amount by which the price should be lowered, and the Seller did not respond to the claim within 14 days, the claim is considered valid.


  1. The Customer, who entered a Contract remotely, has the right of withdrawal within 14 days with no cause stated. A statement needs to be delivered within this date in the following ways: 
    1) In writing, to the following address: 
     ul.Ciołkowskiego 11/1, 15-523 Grabówka
    2) In electronic form via e-mail to the following address: info|| |info|;
  2. A template of the withdrawal form can be found on the Web Store’s page in the tab concerning contract withdrawal. The Customer can use this template, although this is not mandatory.
  3. IN the case of withdrawal from contract made remotely, the Contract is considered non-existent, and the Customer is responsible for the lowering of the value of the items as a result of usage exceeding the activities necessary to state the character, qualities and functioning of the item.
  4. The Seller is to immediately, but no later than within 14 days from the date of receiving the withdrawal statement from the Customer, return all the payments made by the Customer. Such return should be conducted via the same method of payment as the one used by the Customer. 
  5. The Customer is to immediately, but no later than within 14 days from the date of withdrawal from Contract, return the items to the Seller.
  6. The Customer is to cover any direct costs of returning the item.


  1. Changes to these Terms and Conditions can be introduced at any time.
  2. These Terms and Conditions and any introduced changes enter into force once they are published on the Web Store’s page.
  3. Lack of acceptance of these Terms and Conditions makes purchasing any Products offered by the Store impossible. The Store makes the Terms and Conditions available to the Customer to read upon Ordering of Products.
  4. Any issues not included in these Terms and Conditions are subjected to the general regulations of the Polish law. 

Withdrawal - form template