1. The Administrator of the personal data collected via the Web Store is MARLENA GĄSIOR operating the business registered as ATELIER PROJEKTOWO-KRAWIECKIE Marlena Gąsior entered into the Business Activity Register of Poland kept by the minister in charge of economy, with an address for correspondence and business operation at:  ul.Ciołkowskiego 11/1, 15-523 Grabówka  NIP 9661963183, REGON 381367805  e-mail address: info|| |info|
  2. The Client’s personal data are being processed in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act of 29 August 1997 (Journal of Laws from 1997, No. 133, item 883 with amendments) and the Act on Rendering Electronic Services of 18 July 2002 (Journal of Laws from 2002, No. 144, item 1204 with amendments).
  3. The Administrator shall show their utmost diligence to secure the personal data and ensures that the data is being processed in accordance with the law; collected for stated and clear purposes and not processed further for other purposes; factual and adequate to the reason of their collection, and stored in a format enabling the identification of persons who the data concerns, for no longer than it is necessary to use them for the stated purpose.


  1. Each time the purpose and recipients of the data processed by the Administrator results from the actions undertaken by the Customer in the Web Store.
  2. The possible purposes of Customer data collection by the Administrator include:
    1) Entering and fulfilment of a Sales Contract or an Electronic Service Agreement (e.g. an Account).
    2) Direct marketing of the products.
  3. Possible recipients of personal data of the Customers of the Web Store: 
    1) In the case of a Customer who uses the Web Store delivery method by courier, the Administrator transfers the collected personal data of the Customer to toe chosen shipping company.
    2) In the case of a Customer who uses the Web Store payment method via electronic payment or debit card payment, the Administrator transfers the collected personal data of the Customer to the selected company handling the payment.
  4. The Administrator can process the following personal data of Customers using the Web Store: name and surname, e-mail address, phone number, delivery address (street, house number, flat number, postal code, city, country), imię i nazwisko; adres poczty elektronicznej; numer telefonu kontaktowego; adres dostawy (ulica, numer domu, numer lokalu, kod pocztowy, miejscowość, kraj), address of residence (if different from the delivery address). 
  5. Entering the personal data mentioned above can be necessary to complete the Sales Contract or the Electronic Service Agreement in the Web Store. Each time, the scope of the required personal data is shown on the Web Store page and in the Web Store Terms and Conditions.


  1. Cookies are small text files, which are sent by the server and stored on the device of the person visiting the Web Store (e.g. the hard drive of a computer, laptop or a memory card of a smartphone).
  2. The Administrator can process the data stored in the cookie files of the visitors to the Web Store for the following purposes:
    1)    Storing the Products added to the shopping cart while placing an Order;
    2)    Storing data from the filled out Order Forms, surveys or login data to the Web Store;
    3)    Calculating anonymous statistics representing the ways the Web Store is used.
  3. The majority of widely available web browsers, in their standard settings, accepts cookie files. Every visitor can determine the conditions of using cookie files using the browser settings. This means that the user can for example partially limit (e.g. a timed limitation) or completely disable the possibility of storing cookie files – this last case can influence some of the functionalities of the Web Store (e.g. it can be impossible to complete an Order using an Order Form due to the inability to store the selected Products in the shopping cart through the consecutive steps of placing an Order).
  4. Browser settings regarding cookie files are important from the point of view of the user agreeing that the cookies can be used by our Web Store – according to the law such agreement can be also expressed via the settings of the web browser. In the case when the user does not agree to such usage of cookie files they need to change the settings of their web browser regarding cookie files.
  5. The Administrator also processes anonymous operating data connected with the usage of the Web Store (IP address, domain) to generate statistics helpful in administrating the Web Store. Such data are collective and anonymous, which means that they do not contain any qualities which could allow for the identification of an individual visiting the Web Store. Such data are not disclosed to third parties.


  1. Entering personal data is the decision of the Customer, although not entering the personal data required by the Web Store and specified in the Terms and Conditions which are necessary to conduct the Sales Contract or the Electronic Service Agreement will result in a lack of possibility for such a contract to be conducted.
  2. The basis for processing Customer personal data is the necessity to fulfil the contract, of which the Customer is a side or to conduct any action on the Customer’s request before the contract is fulfilled. In the case of processing data for marketing purposes of own products or Administrator’s services the basis for such conduct is a prior agreement of the Customer or the fulfilment of legally justified reasons acted out by the Administrator (in accordance with Art.23 paragraph 4 of the Personal Data Protection Act a legally justified reason is that of direct marketing of own products or services of the Administrator). 


  1. The Customer has the right to access and amend their personal data.
  2. Every person has the right to control processing of their personal data, stored in the Administrator’s data collection, and especially the right to: the request of completion, update, correction of personal data, temporary or permanent cessation of processing of the data or their deletion if they are incomplete, not current, false or were collected with infringement to the Act or are no longer necessary for the reason they were collected.
  3. In the case of the Customer’s agreement to process the data for the purpose of direct marketing of products or the services of the Administrator, this agreement can be revoked at any time.
  4. In the case of processing the data for direct marketing of own products or the services of the Administrator, the person who entered their data has the right to submit a written, justified request to stop their data from being processed due to special circumstances or to submit an objection to the data processing.
  5. In order to exercise the above mentioned rights, the person needs to contact the Administrator through sending a suitable written message or via electronic mail to the Administrator’s address given at the beginning of this document.


  1. The Administrator uses technical and organisational means to ensure the security of the processed personal data corresponding to the threats and the category of the collected data, and especially to secure the data from unauthorised third party access, processing with infringement of the law as well as changing, loss, damaging or the destruction of said data.
  2. The Administrator makes the following technical resources available to prevent the acquisition of the personal data supplied by electronic means by unauthorised parties:
    1) Securing the data collection from unauthorised access.
    2) Access to the account only with a unique login and password.